Friday, April 8, 2011

Underbust Corset for Renaissance Faires

I go to Renaissance Faires every year.  I have 3 different outfits I have worn in the past.  This year I am making another new one.  My baby is almost 6 months old and therefore still breastfeeding.  None of my old outfits will work to feed him in.  So I started a new outfit.  A simple underdress with a underbust corset that I wear with my own undergarments.

I started searching online and I found a few great websites to help get me started.  And since credit must be given where credit is due... these are the two that helped me the most with how to get started and what supplies I would need.
I wanted it to be simple but also fun.  We go to different type of Ren Faires.  Some are more historical while others are more fantasy.  That is why I wanted to make sure it was reversible.  I also wanted to make it out of fabric that I already had.

These are the first pictures I took of it.  It is double sided with butterflies on one side and plain green on the other side  Since then I have made it shorter (I am very short waisted.)  I had to take out all of the boning, cut it to the right length, and then reinsert the boning.

Here are pictures of it with the grommets in place.  I had to get a special tool for these grommets as my cheapy one was not strong enough.

It will be trimmed in black satin.  I will post finished pictures when I finish the dress it will be worn with.

I have plans for at least one more corset like this... okay two more now that I think about it!

Over a year since I posted!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted a sewing project on here!  I have lots of updates to create posts from so as long as I keep at it there should be plenty more posts in the near future!

This is my current list of projects:
  • My Ren Faire Dress (mostly done)
  • My Ren Faire Corset (mostly done)
  • My Ren Faire Cape
  • Husband's Ren Faire Cape
  • Bella's Green Ren Faire Dress (very easy)
  • Bella's Purple Ren Faire Dress (very easy)
  • Bella's Ren Faire Cape
  • Bear's something for the Ren Faire (not too sure on this one)
  • Jane Austen inspired Nursing Regency Dress with bodiced petticoat
  • Summer Dresses for my Daughter
Most of that has less then a month to get done.  Guess I know what I will be doing on my husband's days off!