Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank you, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

Bear was coloring a picture of a purple octopus this morning with a marker that should be washable....  This is what the table looked like AFTER I washed it with all-purpose cleaning solution...

I started to get worried that it was not going to come off!  I pulled out the Magic Eraser and crossed my fingers....

I started coming off right away!!!  It all came off but I wanted to show you a picture part way through.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Transistions with Bear

Transitions have been a problem with Bear.  Unless he is excited about the next thing he is doing there can be a major melt down.  There has been more then one walk from the park to the car that has involved him crying and screaming as he slowly follows me to his door.  This is what he usually looks like:

Today I gave him a penny as we where leaving and this is what he looked like when we got to the car!!!

Such a difference!!!!

I might go broke though if I bribe him with a penny every time he throws a fit!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Spring: The Park!

It is Spring!!!!  Spring comes a bit later for us then the rest of the country and our first day of Spring was covered in snow...

Now the temps have gone up and the sun is shining so we head to the park!  I did not get pics of everything but here are a few!!!



Bella trying to pump... she has the motions backwards but she is so close!!!


 Look in the background of the picture above... yes that is ice still on the pond!!!

What are you enjoying about Spring?

Monday, April 8, 2013

History: Our Flag

In history Bella is learning about the symbols of country like our flag, the eagle, and the Statue of Liberty.  The other day we went to the library and looked at an old flag just like this one:

Image From Rare Flags

We talked about what it looked like and what each part stood for.  She counted the stars and stripes.  She loved it.

Bella has been making her own flags when ever she draws a picture lately.  I asked her to draw a picture of a flag and this was what she drew (she said the car was driving by on the road to see the flag.)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Outfits 2013

I made Bella and Bear outfits for this Easter too!

Bella had picked out her accessories when we went shopping one day.  She wanted to full look!  Hat, gloves, purse, and shoes with her Easter dress!!!  I had some blue fabric still left from previous projects (remember my gathering fiasco?!)  I knew it would be perfect for Easter!

I took her dress from last Easter and traced the bodice as a guide.  I wanted it to have a white waistband and tie.  I had some of this beautiful white fabric left over still (I have used it in 4 projects now!!!)  As I sewed up the final seam bodice I decided to keep it sleeveless (I wish I had decided that earlier!)

The skirt was the hardest part.  In the end it was not perfect but still very cute!!!

For Bear I got a piece of remnant fabric and a fat quarter to make him a vest.  I also used some of Bella's leftover fabric to make him a tie.  I did most of the vest on the machine but had to hand stitch the last bit as not to wake the kids or neighbors!  I also hand stitched his entire tie!  I could not find my button foot Easter morning so I "cheated" and just sewed the buttons on one side and safety pinned it underneath!!!

Bear did not want his pictures taken!!!  Still I love the pics and my kidos!!!!