Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Purse Full of Fustration!

I had many problems with this purse.  Much of it due to my own misreading of instructions and choice of fabric.

I chose to use cotton that i found on sale.  Many parts of the construction where very easy.  I had misread one step which gave me 2 hours of frustration.  The fabric was not stiff so I had to add interfacing.  Then I did not like how the zipper went in so I had to play with that.  I also decided to give it a lining as it did not have one.

Some good things about the pattern where, I loved making the strap.  It has great, easy to make pockets on the outside, and it is nice and spacious.

Not the best pic but here it is.  It does have a squared bottom but it got set on the floor so it look weird.

This is a pic of me making the strap.  I actually had fun getting the fabric to fold right and ironing it into place.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Adding to My Wardrobe One Project at a Time AND Overcoming a Sewing Hurdle!

So I decided to make some clothes so that I have more to wear rather than go to the store and sift through clothes I don't like just to buy something that is only so-so.

I purchased some patterns and fabric the other day as I said in my previous post.  This is one of the patterns. (I am in the process of contacting NEWLOOK/Simplicity and I may end up taking photo down if they wish me to do so!)

I am making the shirt the model is wearing but in blues.

This is the first time I have ever done gathering and I think it came out well... I used the thread pulling method for gathering.  I am so proud of how it came out.  Sorry about the fuzziness of the photos, my camera does not do well in low light but I did not want to have the flash creating problems with the photo either.

I will post photos when I am done with the rest!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Patterns and Fabric and Tidbits, YEAH!

So I went to Wal-Mart today and bought some patterns and fabric.  For patterns I got two shirts, a skirt and a bag/purse.  I had some of the fabric so that saved me a bit of money.  I also bought some sewing supplies I need like bobbins.  I hate only having one bobbin thread.  Now I have a package of 8 and can have a different bobbin for each of my projects!  I am going to have to stay out of that section of the store or I am going to be tempted to buy a new project every time I go in!  The frustrating thing is that I have to wait to start sewing because I need to wash the fabric first..... why can't it be pre-washed?

The skirt, shirt, and bag I am going to make should go together and look nice.  I can't wait to get started!  I am going to start with the bag and then make the shirt.  Finally, I will make the skirt.  I am hoping to have it all done by nest Sunday so I can wear my outfit to church.

I have also been working on finding a good apron pattern so I can make one for me and one for Bella.  I have some cute fabric but I am having a hard time deciding between a half or full apron and how fancy to make it.