Friday, January 8, 2010

Adding to My Wardrobe One Project at a Time AND Overcoming a Sewing Hurdle!

So I decided to make some clothes so that I have more to wear rather than go to the store and sift through clothes I don't like just to buy something that is only so-so.

I purchased some patterns and fabric the other day as I said in my previous post.  This is one of the patterns. (I am in the process of contacting NEWLOOK/Simplicity and I may end up taking photo down if they wish me to do so!)

I am making the shirt the model is wearing but in blues.

This is the first time I have ever done gathering and I think it came out well... I used the thread pulling method for gathering.  I am so proud of how it came out.  Sorry about the fuzziness of the photos, my camera does not do well in low light but I did not want to have the flash creating problems with the photo either.

I will post photos when I am done with the rest!

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