Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Purse Full of Fustration!

I had many problems with this purse.  Much of it due to my own misreading of instructions and choice of fabric.

I chose to use cotton that i found on sale.  Many parts of the construction where very easy.  I had misread one step which gave me 2 hours of frustration.  The fabric was not stiff so I had to add interfacing.  Then I did not like how the zipper went in so I had to play with that.  I also decided to give it a lining as it did not have one.

Some good things about the pattern where, I loved making the strap.  It has great, easy to make pockets on the outside, and it is nice and spacious.

Not the best pic but here it is.  It does have a squared bottom but it got set on the floor so it look weird.

This is a pic of me making the strap.  I actually had fun getting the fabric to fold right and ironing it into place.

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