Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Book!

I have been frustrated with sewing lately.  Patterns just are not fitting me right.  So I bought a new book instead of patterns and I am so excited to get started!

In this book you use your exact measurements to cut out a piece of muslin or other similar in expensive fabric (adding some inches for seams.)  Then you pin the muslin to yourself while wearing a thin undershirt.  From this you create pattern blocks.  They then show you how to turn those blocks into basic wardrobe pieces.  There are some shirts I am really excited about.  I have some fabric to make some summery stuff out of the patterns.

I had been getting discouraged because I bought a pattern and when I tried to tissue fit it and it was so ill fitting (even though in my size) I was shocked!  I could not even continue and said I did not want to sew anymore.  But I got over it and found this book.

Now if I can just find where my daughter put my measuring tapes I will be reading to go!

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