Thursday, May 2, 2013

Renaissance 2013

This year I decided to make an outfit without a corset!!!  Who wants to chase children around wearing a corset?!?!  Here is the fabric I bought... deciding the fine details of what to make has been hard.  It looks like I will be making something like a Burgundian Gown.  These are two pictures of my inspiration:

Borrowed from here

Here is the fabric I bought.  The solid color is for the main dress and the pattern is for trim.  I will not be using fur.  In warmer climates they did not use fur as it was too warm.  In our area and the events we will be attending I will be plenty warm!  I may make a faux fur collar that can be pinned to the dress for cold days.  I also will not have a train because I have to chase after children and will be outside.

Now I just need the courage to cut into the fabric!

A have a few other projects to make too!  I hope I can get them all done in time!

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