Monday, March 26, 2012

My Clutch

I had a special date night coming up with my husband and I wanted to make a clutch to go with my new dress!  I decided to try and make one with out a pattern!

First I picked up my supplies:  Green for the outside, purple lining, batting, fusible interfacing, and a fancy button.
Then I started to cut out the fabric. Tip #1  Measure!  Ooops... First I made it too long, then it ended up crooked in the end. (I still love it though.)

I had decided to make the outer part have pleats in it to add interest.  I started by pinning 3 pleats in the "middle" (I did not measure them again and so they are off center on mine.)  Tip #2 Sew pleats into place underneath... I kept having to fool with mine and make them sit still.... in the end that caused them to be in the wrong place.... They still look nice though!

Next, I cut out the lining to the same size as my green out fabric.  (Make sure you make it strait as this was where most of my measurements where off.)  Then I fused the lining to it and pinned the batting to that.

The next step was so hard I did not take detailed pictures during it.  I had to sew the lining to the outer (right sides together) but I also wanted a clean line on the part where I sewed up the sides.  After trial and error I finally got it correct. Here are a couple of me testing the length and folding process.

At this point a small "inspector" came along to check on the quality of my fabric!

Finally I sewed a hook and eye inside and put a pretty decorative button on the outside!  Here is the final product!!!!

                                 The pretty button!                                The hook and eye 
                                                                              (I wish I had done a different closure.)

                                         Open                                              Inside

 The back

Here is a picture of us after our date!


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