Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Outfits 2012

I decided to make my daughter a dress for Easter.  Then last minute I decided to also make a tie, vest, and pants for my son as well as a simple shrug for my daughter.  I found some tutorials online.  Some I used completely while other I used as a guideline.

Easter Baskets:  I love for the kids to get a new outfit with their Easter baskets every year.

Bella outside and at church with her Bible.

Bear in his outfit that ended up being very shiny!

The kids in their outfits together!

Here are the links to the posts and tutorials that help me make their outfits!

  • Boy's Vest - I used a safety pin instead of buttons I ran out of time
  • Boy's Pants - I can finally put pants on Bear and they did not fall down!!!!
  • Boy's Tie - I love this one!  I made mine with elastic.  It is so awesome!!!!!
  • Girl's Party Dress - Daddy picked out the fabric for the main part of the dress and Bella loved it!
  • Shrug - I altered this to be Bella's size

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