Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tool Tuesday - Scissors

I want to start posting more but with two little ones underfoot I am not always able to complete projects quickly.  So I decided to start posting "Tool Tuesday" when I don't have a project to share.


I good pair of scissors is important as it can make a difference between a straight smooth line and a jagged one that does not line up when you need to sew.

These are my scissors.  The work well and the did not cost very much.  There is a big rule in the house that no one is to use them unless they are cutting fabric!  I have lost more then one pair of scissors to them being used on other things!

I found some funny things when looking at different types of scissors  The first one is something called Powered Scissors.  Not sure I would trust it to cut strait!
These have a laser on them and claim to help you cut strait.  Again I am not sure how they work as there where no reviews but that seems like a lot of technology for a pair of shears!

These are my dream shears.  They are beautiful, in a box, and gold!  I love that there is a separate pair for cutting thread.  I hate grabbing my big scissors to cut threads as I am sewing and I hate the thread cutter on my sewing machine.

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