Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Regancy Dress: Part 2

A while ago (just over 2 years) I posted that I was going to be making a Regency style dress.  Since then I have made three of them!!!!  Each had problems and one was a serious disaster!

To start I needed to make an under-bodice. It us like a full slip with a bodice attached to the top.  I will not post pictures of me in it as it is very see through!

The first dress was not bad... It was designed for my pregnancy for my son though so.... it had lots of room in the front!  I found a cute fabric that had flowers in my favorite fabric (purple!) to make the bodice.  I used off white muslin for the skirt. Also, the neckline was rather high but as I had hand stitched that part there was no way I was ripping it out! (My friend and sewing buddy made her own and I love it!)

The next dress was a complete disaster but beautiful!  It was made of a sheer fabric with a silky fabric underneath (such a pain!!!)  I had made it so that I could nurse my baby in it (he was just over a month old at the time I was wearing it!)  I did not have time put the clasps in the top part so I had my friends pin me into it.  I also had missed judged the side seam and had to wrap my friends scarf around my waist to hide it!

There is no picture of this one because it was that bad!

The third dress was blue with a print on the bodice.  It again was designed for nursing my little one but I made the skirt too full.  The sleeves where a problem this time... I did not like how they looked but when I pushed them up and I liked them much better! (Again my friend is in the picture and you can see that she altered her gown with a pretty ribbon!)

I have altered these dresses since and will be posting them soon!

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