Monday, June 11, 2012

Princess Belle

We went to the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire in May.  Bella wanted to wear a yellow dress.  Toward they end I realized that she looked like Princess Belle! 

I bought this pattern last year for a $1 at Joann Fabric on one of their sale weekends!  We used the gypsy pattern for the main dress but made it a size big so it was long enough and it would last longer. 

I was going to make the sash/belt from the the pink dress but I ran out of time.  I had made a simple toule underskirt to wear underneath that was too long.  When I shortened it I took the extra fabric and tied it around her waist to make a sash/belt!  I also let her take my lace parasol that a friend had given me!  

The biggest thing I learned while making her dress was that the fabric unravels like crazy!!!!!  All day it kept unraveling and picking up twigs and leaves!  I need to either serge the seems (not that I have a Serger), fold them under and sew them inside of themselves, or get some fray stopping stuff.  

Here are pictures from throughout the day!  
I am the one in green and white... not my favorite outfit but I did make it!

The dress flies well!

Heading to the Faire!
Picking flowers
Walking with Daddy!

Talking with a pirate!

She met the queen!
Checking out jewelry

Walking with Mommy (Me!)

This one is my favorite!

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