Sunday, August 25, 2013

Curriculum 2013-2014

I wanted to wait until we had our first week of school before I posted our curriculum for the year.  I was worried it would not work or it would be too much.  It is going great!  Details of our first week to follow soon!

Bella - First Grade

Heart of Dakota: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory (BLHFHG)
Phonics: Progressive Phonics and Language Smarts B (updated)
Math: Mathematical Reasoning B, Math Analagies, and Complete the Picture Math (updated)
Literature: Story Time Treasures and book list from BLHFHG
Language Arts: First Language Lessons
Writing: Writing With Ease
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears and maybe New American Cursive!
Spelling and Poetry: Abeka Grade 1
History: BLHFHG
Science: BLHFHG and Our Father's World
Music: Pfeiffer House Music Grade 1 and a bunch of song books
Art: BLHFHG, Kumon Amazing Crafts, and Learn to Draw activities
Health: Horizons Grade 1
PE: Horizons PK-2nd (Made fore schools but adaptable to homeschool)

Bear - Preschool

Horizon's Preschool for 3's
Heart of Dakota activities and read-alouds that he joins Bella for because what ever she does...
Some activities from Letter of the Week
Other dollar store work books to keep him busy
PE: Joins in Bella's PE activities as able
Dry Erase boards and papers in a sheet protector to use with Dry Erase stuff
LeapFrog movies

Here is a silly picture from the first day of school!

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