Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Week of School 2013-2014

We made it through the first week of school!  It was a lot of fun!  It was different then I expected.  Bear wanted to do everything Bella did.  He required way more attention the first couple of days then I expected too.  All in all it was a great week.


Every morning we started with some songs.  We used YouTube and the Xbox for this!!!  The song we always started with was "Shake Your Sillies Out"... which did just that!  Some mornings Bella had to encourage her brother more then others but they really liked it.  (Please excuse the messiness in the photos... I have been dealing with a foot injury for over a month so it is hard to keep on top of it!)

Then we moved onto calender time. I use different ones for each of the kids that are both from Mama's Learning Corner.  The Preschool one for Bear and the K/1 for Bella.  I am trying to get Bella to do it on her own but she is resistant.  Bear feels like such a big boy doing almost the same thing as his sister!

Free printable download that includes monthly calendar, date/day/month/year recognition, weather charting, bar graphs from weather data, telling time, tally marks, and more to use with Kindergarten-First Grades

Then it is on to the main part of our school day.  I get Bear started on something to keep him busy while I start Bella's lessons.  The first day was.... interesting.... Bear need every moment of my attention.  He was so excited and hyper.  He kept interrupting Bella's lessons.  He was driving me crazy!  Then it was snack time!

After snack Bear went upstairs to watch a LeapFrog movie so that Bella could have peace and quiet while she read.  We will be doing this EVERY DAY!  Bella just cannot read with noises going on in the background.  She is doing great with her reading!  Her reading program starts with her reading The Easy Reader's Bible.  She loves reading a new story every day.  We will also be adding an Abeka reader.

Bella gets all of her "workbook" type work done before lunch most days.  After lunch we do read alouds, science projects, art, music, health, and/or PE.  Things that Bear can participate in.  These are health puppets Sam and Terry!  Sam is outgoing and has pink skin, purple hair, blue eyes, and a flower in her hair.  Terry is shy and has purple skin, black hair, blue eyes, and freckles!  We have been talking about how special and unique every one is!

Thursdays are still Bella's hardest days.  She just wants to be done!  Fridays are okay because she knows if she gets through it then it is the weekend!  She did great on her first two tests!  Here is her spelling test!  Next weeks is harder so we will see how she does!

Their favorite part of the week was the read alouds and art projects.  We learned to draw cats and we made shields.  Bella drew a cat and a carpet on her shield and Bear wanted "Simba" from The Lion King on his shield.  This pictures are my favorite!

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