Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Second Week of School 2013-2014

Two weeks in a row of posts from our weeks of homeschooling?!?!  No guarantees that this will continue but here we go!

Bella worked hard on phonics and math.  She feel a little behind in reading but we caught up.  We had a busy week of appointments and things to do so things where a little rushed.  We did get through most of it and are now caught up!

She decided that she wanted to learn cursive!  I was going to wait and see how she felt about it mid-year but she saw a cursive "a" in her spelling book and was SOOOOO excited that I asked if she wanted to start learning it.  Of course she said yes!  Here is her "a" page!

We did an experiment in science with paper.  We had one flat piece of paper and one ball of paper.  The kids then predicted which would fall first.  We also made out a lab report.  Here is a video of it!  (Again, excuse any mess!)

We also went to storytime at the library.  Bella made name tags for her and Bear.  Bear made one for the carpet... I did not help him and he did a great job!  I think it was just a coincidence though! (Sorry for blurry pictures!  My kids don't stay still!)

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