Monday, September 23, 2013

An Adventure: Week 5 of School '13-'14

Our week started out with an adventure!  We started our adventure book this week.  To introduce the new book our curriculum suggested a scavenger hunt!  The kids LOVED it so much that they wanted to do it over and over again...

In science we talked about how light moves like waves and we blew across the top of a dish of water... I am not sure Bella understood but she enjoyed seeing the waves move!


Bella also started soccer this week.  She was super shy at first when they introduced themselves.  Then they started stretching and she felt right at home.  She starts every gymnastics class by stretching so there was nothing new for her to learn!  She loved soccer!  That is her in the pink shirt kicking the ball!  And....I forgot her water bottle (oops!)

Our new books came from The Critical Thinking Company... Bella LOVES them so far!  We will see what she thinks in a month.  Here is the picture she completed of a chicken in her Complete the Picture Math book!


I also made a dress for Bella for a special occasion.  She helped me iron the fabric.  She also helped me pin it.  We tried to work on some sewing on her sewing machine but it kept jamming because it was in need of a cleaning.  We hope to do more sewing this week... and look for a post on this dress soon!

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