Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outfits for the First Renaissance Faire 2013

This was such a great faire!  It was so much fun to attend with so many friends!

I had posted previously about my inspiration for making a Burgundian gown for the Renaissance Faires this year.  I wanted something pretty but without a corset!  I can't stand chasing my children in a corset!!!
I drafted a pattern, made a muslin, fixed the pattern, almost ran out of fabric, made the dressed, and fixed the dress.

All in all it was a bit big on me but I loved the color!



I also made Bella's Tinker Bell outfit.  The bodice was a little small but I think it is SOOOO cute!!!


I also made Hubby and Bear matching "jerkins".  Bear only had in on for the photos but I love how they looked together!!!!

The next faire the kids and I dressed up in a theme!  Check back soon for that post!!!!


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