Sunday, March 3, 2013

Renaissance Faires 2009-2012

Every year we attend at least one Renaissance festival.  It started when my husband took me to one that he and his friends had attended before.  The first year I bought an outfit.  That faire closed but a few years later a friend of mine was interested in going to one so we searched around and found a handful within a 2 hour drive.  I had one nice outfit but I wanted to make my began the sewing adventures!!!!

We decided to make our own outfits to wear.  Hubby's was simple as it was a jerkin that his mom helped me make along with a shirt, pants, boot and belt that we bought. For my daughter I drafted a pattern from her own clothes and made her a open front kirtle (not that I knew what it was called at that time!)  For myself I made a "vest bodice" and a quick skirt to wear on top of a beautiful chemise that I already owned.

Here are posts about some of the sewing I did in the past:
(I will be updating soon about this years outfit soon!)

I have made a few other outfits over these few years.  Some I have loved and other... not so much!
Family picture

Bella petting a dog
Family and Friend who attends the faires with us
Hubby and me pushing the stroller
Bella in her kirtle
Bella and me playing
Bella nd Me

Family including my friend who attends the faires with us.

Family taking in the sites - I made Bella's dress!

I love this pic! Even if I did not make the dress!

Family Picture
Cloak and butterfly corset - one of my favorites
Bella the pirate princess

My least favorite for me but my most favorite for Bella
Bella talking to a knight
Family with Bear complaining
Bear and me... LOVE this one!

Bella and me watching the knights!

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