Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bella's Homeschool Curriculum Update

We homeschool and Bella started Kindergarten in the fall.  We have made lots of changes and used lots of thing so I thought I would share what we are using right now!

Language Arts
  • Lost of leveled readers and books from the library
  • Progressive Phonics - a free phonics program that can be printed, used on the computer or transferred to a tablet or smartphone that uses humor to engage the student.  Bella LOVES these stories and has been most receptive to this out of all the phonics programs we have tried.
  • Primary Phonics Readers by Educators Publishing Service
  • Hooked on Phonics - Only occasionally for the list practice when she need extra help and their books.  We got K-2 for $10 each at a local consignment shop.
  • Bob Books - Bella likes to read these on her own!  Most of the time she refuses to do independent reading so this has been a big help in that!  We borrow them from our library and she picks those out every time we go! These where a GREAT first book to help her feel proud of herself
  • Building Spelling Grade 1 - She is on list two and loves it.  It has encouraged her to try writing more on her own.
  • Handwriting With Out Tears - The only handwriting program that my daugther has not faught me on!
  • Life of Fred - We just got the first two elementary books and Bella LOVES them!  They are math lessons told through humorous stories. They do recommend that if your child needs the repetition you find a separate "drill" method for math facts which she needs but we have stuff to cover that.
  • Rod and Staff - We are using their blacklines for extra drill practice.
  • Flashcards - we need to do more flashcards practice!
  • My America and My world by Abeka - Just starting this.  It is a grade one History and Geography reader.
  • Non-fiction books from the libary
  • The World God Made - Science through Creation. Simple format with suggested actives in the lessons.
  • Non-fiction books from the library
  • My First Message - A devotional Bible for kids.  Bible has been the hardest subject for me to find what I want to use.  For now we are sticking with just the bible stories.
  • Will update with the title
  • We Sing
  • Lots of kids songs and rhymes sung throughout the day

Bear is doing Abeka's Nusery Crafts and their 2 year old books.  He has just started.  He is also doing some things from Tot's School.

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