Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Dress

Bella just turned 5 year old!!!! Among the long list of presents she has asked for she said she wanted a new dress.  As I love sewing I decided to make her one!  At first I was going to find a pattern at the fabric store but then decided that did not feel right.  I started searching some blogs and found a great pattern for a dress called "The Anna Dress" at Craftiness is not Optional!  I also decided that the dress was not going to be a surprise because I wanted it to fit Bella right.

I went to the Joann Fabrics and got this green fabric with white and pink flowers. (The picture is not quite as true a green as the dress is.)

Bella helped me draft the pattern and (when she was interested) handed me pins.  She also was my gopher as I kept having her go get things for me!

In the end the dress turned out way longer then I planned but Bella won't let me shorten it!  At least she loves it!  I did not have the buttons for the dress on her birthday so we turned the dress around and closed it up with a safety pin.  She picked out some buttons but I have not had the chance to sew those on the dress yet! We went to the butterfly museum and I took the following pictures while there. (The ribbon is a birthday girl pin not part of the dress!)

Here she is hoping a butterfly will land on her hand! (Shortly after this picture she became scared of butterflies and spent the rest of the time scared!)

I will post an update when we add the buttons!

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