Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Math: Life of Fred

Life of Fred (LOF) is a math program for elementary through college level mathematics.  Bella started working in it a few weeks ago and I am more and more amazed with every lesson that we read together. 


Let me start by saying that even if you don't homeschool you should get these books for you kids or even grandkids!  They are fun and easy use.

LOF is written in the form of a novel or a very simple picture book.  Each lesson starts with a story about Fred, a 5 year old professor of mathematics at KITTENS University.  Through Fred's adventures mathematical concepts are presented.  The books are non-consumable so you can use them with mulitple children or even use them again for review (as the other suggests.)

Let me show you what a lesson is like.  In the first lesson of Apples Fred wakes up early and there is a picture of a clock.  Fred talks about time and addition of numbers.  More advance math topics are also introduced such as 4y+3y=7y (by starting with 4 trees plus 3 trees is 7 trees!) At the end of each lesson is a section called "Your turn to play" aka exercises. There are only a few problems mostly ranging from 3-5 problems. On the next page are the answers as well as more information.  In the following lessons other subjects and topics are discussed too: science, number theory, days of the week, months of the year, weather, morals, organization, friendship, and more! 

There are10 books are the Elementary series, 3 books in the Intermidiate series, 5 books in the Pre-Algebra series, 4 books in the High School series (as well as answer keys and extra practice books), and 3 books in the College and University series (answer keys additional.)

The only thing that might be a problem with this series is the lack of drill for students that need it.  The author states that practicing of facts can be done through games and flashcards.  Some students need more practice then that but you can find simple books even at the dollar store to cover drill.

At first I was worried that Bella would not understand the material or be bored or that everything would go right over her head.  I am amazed every day how much she retains from the story we last read even if it had been a week since we did a lesson!  It is almost always the lesson she wants to do first when we start school!


*I was not paid for this review nor did I recieve my book as a gift.  I purchased the books for Bella's math curriculum and had to share how much we love them!

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